The kitchen should be an expression of your style, a statement about your home's unique character. Our kitchens range from contemporary to provincial styles. Our designs have no boundaries and our factory manufactures every aspect of the kitchen in-house.

Bathrooms are a sanctuary, a space where you literally wash away your worries. We are experts at making the most out of smaller spaces, transforming tired, dingy bathrooms into beautiful functional spaces.

Here at Nu Space we take care of the entire home office layout. We design and manufacture quality commercial office furniture, concentrating on building efficient storage units that optimise work flow and are sensitive to individual spatial requirements. We create a beautiful home office where you can get your job done in style.

Our Commercial Design and Construction team works in close collaboration with you to design and build your ideal commercial premises. More than any other aspect of your business, your commercial space is a reflection of who you are and what you do. At Nu Space, we create commercial spaces that effortlessly integrate the practical elements, such as storage and display, with an overall design that expresses your company’s individuality and style.

We offer a complete Interior Design Service. Our Interior Designer you will guide you in the design and oversee the build of the house interior you've always dreamed of.

The Nu Space resident interior decorator can help put those finishing touches to make your house into a home. Services include fabric and furniture selections, colour consultation including wallpaper selection, assisting in the selection of artwork and statement pieces, floor treatments, and window coverings. Attention to detail is key to achieving that desired look or feel for a space.

The team at Nu Space offers a "one stop shop" service. Once your designs are completed you need not to look around for another builder or tradesmen. Our construction team are on stand-by, ready to turn your design into a reality. The team here can undertake any size project; a new structure, addition to an existing structure or an entire internal renovation. We co-ordinate tradesmen and other professionals to ensure all jobs are completed to budget and schedule. All of our building technicians are highly skilled trade's people who are reliable and efficient.

Our established relationships with Architects and Engineers ensure correct building standards and methods are undertaken for every size project.